WiFi HotSpot Creator is a network utility that allows you to turn your own computer into a WiFi router in order to easily share your connection with other devices.
This application is designed for those users who don’t have a WiFi router in order to get Internet Wireless. The application is very simple and tiny so you won’t have any problem to run it correctly in any computer as well as it fulfills the low requirements.
Save money with this application since you won’t need to buy a new router in order to get connected to the Internet as it creates private hotspots for your friends.

Simple WiFi HotSpot Creator use

The only thing you need to run this application is your computer with a wireless card and your Internet connection. With WiFi HotSpot Creator share your connection with the users you want since you can set your own password and the Network Interface Controller which is your way to connect to the Internet.
The procedure is really simple. Once you get the application installed you have to set the name of your new network in order to identify it. Then set the password and spread it to your friends. Finally set the connection source and click on the start button. As simple as that, WiFi HotSpot Creator permits connections without limits.

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