Avast! Internet Security 9 ( 2014 )

Avast! Internet Security 9 ( 2014 ) Is usually a well-known antivirus quite large. Your coders involving anti-virus place into everything the information with regards to dealing with worms so as to produce one of the better antivirus. That anti-virus method provides mixed the actual every one of the sophisticated technologies as well as strategies to obtain the greatest degree of computer defense. This supplement is made for every one of the os's Glass windows. Avast thoroughly checks with regard to worms recollection, records, email, as well as besides that, he could be even in a position to handle any macro disease.

Avast! Internet Security 9 ( 2014 ) Key Features

  • Antivirus as well as antispyware kernel
  • Defense versus rootkits in real time
  • Starting avast! Community IQ
  • Research techniques crooks within unprotected systems
  • Brilliant checker avast! Brilliant Code reader
  • Brilliant up-date disease databases
  • Automobile or activity mode
  • "Green" Personal computer
  • Defend the actual file program or e-mail
  • Internet Defend
  • Defend P2P/mgnovennyh blogposts
  • Network Defend
  • Defend involving Perform
  • Defend Script
  • Singled out setting avast! Sandbox
  • Programmed firewall
  • Antispam.
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