Adobe Universal Patcher v1.5
Adobe Universal Patcher is a solid program for Adobe applications to almost any application. A simple application available Just a Setup file of the application in the list below. Install it, and then use these crackers.
How To Use 
  1. Choosing a product in The List, Click ‘Patch’.
  2. Turn off your virus protection temporarily 
  3. IF The product has been installed in The Default Folder, The Files are automatically Found, IF Not , then The Patcher Will You ask you to select directory.
  4. Patcher Will TRY to Find The Known Sequence. and Patch them.
  5. Enjoy.
What’s New
  • Added CC 2015 apps
  • Fixed x86 pattern
  • Fixed Acrobat 9 pattern
  • Removed non complete\bugged items (will be restored later)
Note : Google Detect it as Virus But We assure you that it is 100% safe

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