Dialog + Google = free internet?

In a rather welcoming change in the mobile data market, Dialog – and Google – have made 3 core Google services entirely exempt of data charges. As freezone.dialog.lk points out, Google+, Gmail, and Google Search is now – completely – free. All you have to do is be signed into your Google account. Most Internet-capable phones can make use of this – yes, smartphones too.

Hold your horses – it’s not going to magically cut down your data charges. The devil’s in the details. These freezone Google services are only free when you use your phone’s default browser: third-party browsers are NOT supported. This rules out whatever favourite you’ve got on your phone. Also, Searching Google is free – but if you click on a link beyond your search results, standard data charges will apply.

Those of you who’re on company WiFi can now stop reading this. You aren’t missing out. Given the fact that most Sri Lankans are Facebookers and Tweeps rather than Google+ users, most of us won’t be needing these services in our day-to-day lives. Most Android users are also less likely to be wowed by this news, because very few of us use the default browser. Sri Lanka’s still-huge population of Symbian phones are going to put this to very, very good use. It’s not really something to get excited over, but it’s one of those things that might come in handy in a pinch.

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