Hack any LAN or Wi-Fi Connected Computer Using 'Cain & Abel' Sniffer Tool!

Do you know what you are typing when using internet is passing through the same network that someone else using! So, he can easily hack your information using some kind of network sniffing software and analyzer. Now doesn’t matter this is Wi-Fi or LAN.
Hack user information by sniffing network is a very popular hacking technique since then. Hackers call this technique ‘Man in Middle Attack’.

What you can get by sniffing a network?
Wi-Fi hotspot password
Browser saved password
Email password
Browsing session history
And data uses information

Tools to be used to sniff a network:
2. Namp

How to Start Sniffing a Network:
Step 1: First of all find your won IP, Mac, DNS info etc from this direction: ctrl+r > cmd > ipconfig/all.
Step 2: Install Cain & Able and open the program. Click start sniffer icon and select your network adapter.
Step 3: Click start sniffer icon to active sniffer and right click from anywhere in the blank space then click Scan Mac Address. You have started getting IP and Mac addresses from your network.
Step 4: To select your targeted IP click Add button and select your gateway from left and targeted IP from right.
Step 5: Now start poisoning your targeted IP by clicking this following button. Once you start this tool you should started getting your targeted computer data as some individual packets and every packets will have some user data information. Packets would be likely 5-10 Mb.
Step 6: Install and open Wireshark Network Analyzer to break the packets and find the information in plain text.
Note: In this process ‘Namp’ is an optional tool. It will give you extra advantage if you use it to find Host names or Mac address from a LAN.
Still confused? Don’t worry. Let me know your problem and I’ll get back to you!

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