Many time you see that pendrives are not formatted and when you try to format these pendrives they tell disk write permission.
Friends Today Am Going To Tell You How To Remove Write Protection From Any Removable Devices.One I Inserted My Pendrive On My Computer Then I Found It Have Write Protection Problem So I Will Find This Solution .

How Remove Write Protection From Removable Devices

Remove Write from Removable Devices

Just Follow The Simple Steps 

1.Go To Start > Run > Type "cmd"
2.Then Type "diskpart".
3.Then Type "listdisk".
4.Then Type "select disk (disk number)".
5.Then You Have To Select That Removable Disk Which You Want To Remove Write Protection.
6.type "Attributes Disk Clear Read Only"

7. type "clean"
Now you successfully remove the write protection from pendrive.

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